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The campus of the Aristotle University covers 230,000 square metres and is located near the centre of the city of Thessaloniki. The majority of the university units is found inside the campus, but there are also various institutions, laboratories, and facilities of the university which are located outside the campus such as the Centre of Byzantine Researches, veterinary clinics, the university farm, and forest reserves). The following are some of the most important university units and facilities of the Aristotle University:

Student Club 

The University Student Club is housed in a private building located on the eastern side of the campus and plays a very important role in student life. Inside the Student Club is a restaurant, a reading room, a medical service, a snack bar, and a hairdresser's shop. There is also a musical department and a photography club.
The Student Club is responsible for the catering and medical care of the students of A.U.Th. and University of Macedonia. Every day it caters for approximately 12,000 students. Among its other responsibilities, it also organizes artistic, cultural and athletic events and maintains a chorus and a musical department.

Sports centre

The University gym is located on the eastern side of the university campus, next to the Student Club. It covers an area of 220,000 square metres and was initially founded in 1925, the same year as the University. Since then it has been transferred several times until 1978 when it was finally settled at its present position. Inside the university Sports Centre there is a football field, basketball and tennis courts, handball courts and many more facilities for dancing, weight lifting, ping pong and so on. The National and Poseidonion swimming pools are used for water sports such as swimming, water polo, water aerobics, and synchronized swimming.
The students participating in the sports programs of the centre can take part in the internal championships organized by the Sports Centre or in the inter-university national championships organized by the Sports Committee of the Higher Education in Greece. The A.U.Th. has always participated in these national championships with great success.

Accomodation-Residence halls

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki owns three branches of residence halls for AUTh students with a capacity of 1,740 students; they are administered by the National Youth Foundation. They include reading rooms, sport facilities, restaurants, café etc. Two branches are in the city centre, one in "40 Ekklisies" near the campus and one in the former “Egnatia” Hotel in Vardaris. The residence halls are reserved for students with special needs, such as members of low-income or large families, as well as some foreign students.


Day Care Unit

The Day Care Unit of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is an education and research unit for preschool-aged children (2.5 to 6 years old). The Unit provides children of the members of the academic community, including children of undergraduate and postgraduate students, with education, and offers theoretical and practical training to students of the School of Early Childhood Education.
The Day Care Unit is open Monday to Friday from 7.00am to 19.00pm, from September 1st to June 30th. If the number of children is sufficient, the Unit operates in the summer as well. The Unit is also open during Christmas and Easter vacation periods, but only for a few days.


Health care services

All students of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greek or foreign, undergraduate or postgraduate) are provided with health insurance which covers free medical care. This means that hospitalization and medication are provided free of charge. The insurance is valid for the entire period of studies, as long as it doesn't last more than one and a half times its normal duration. Every student who wants to receive free medical care must possess his personal health insurance booklet which is issued and renewed every year by the secretary of the department he/she studies in. Among others, health insurance provides: medical examination, dental examination, physiotherapy, etc.


Faith groups at Thessaloniki

Our students come from many different backgrounds, cultures and faiths, making Aristotle University a rich environment in which to study. Faith-based student societies include the Christian Union, the Islamic Society, the Jewish Society and the Sikh Society. The University's Faith and Student Well Being section supports this diversity through its team of faith advisers.
Faith and Student Well Being provides students with:
advice and information, whatever their beliefs and religious needs, prayer space within the University anda full programme of drop-in sessions, meetings, worship and events (during teaching periods).
The full-time faith adviser offers:
confidential pastoral care and support and information about local churches and places of worship.


Camping facilities

The University Camp was initially founded in 1960. It is now is located in Poseidi, Chalkidiki, in a very beautiful place by the sea, full of pine trees. It opens its gates every year during the summer period for the students and the staff of the A.U.Th. The camp consists of a restaurant, a small grocery store, a bar, basketball and beach volley courts, and many more sport and entertainment facilities.

Network Operations Centre

The Network Operations Centre is responsible for managing the data network of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. It was established in 1995 under the supervision of the Data Network Committee of the university. NOC's main objective is to provide quality network services to the academic community of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Among many services, NOC also provides the following:
  1. Internet connectivity to all AUTh members (students and staff)
  2. Basic network services (email, web hosting, Digital Certificates, Dial up)
  3. Advanced network services (VoIP, Video Conference, Wireless networking, VPN, Proxy)
NOC's staff consists mainly of network specialists, undergraduate students working part-time as network technicians and undergraduate students as trainees. It is mainly funded by the Greek state and the European Union, as it participates in a variety of European Union programs.

Career Services Office

The Career Services Office of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki was established in 1997 and its main objective is to help students and graduates take decisions concerning their future studies and career. It provides support and information about a variety of subjects including: undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Greek or foreign universities, available scholarships, student mobility programs (IAESTE, SOCRATESetc.), labor market in Greece and abroad, job vacancies and many more. There is also a group of specially trained personnel, which provides advice and guidance to students and graduates on decision making, CV compilation, job interviews and job application.
The Career Services Office organizes regularly career seminars inviting professionals from different scientific fields to lecture about their jobs and the status of the job market. These career seminars appear to be very helpful because they give students and graduates a chance to get in contact with people of different professions and acquire information about their experiences and accomplishments.


The students of A.U.Th. are supported by two independent institutions: The Social Policy Committee and the Student Counseling and Guidance Service.
The Social Policy Committee aims at solving a variety of problems the students may face and thus improve academic life on campus. It was established by the University Rector's Council in September 1997 and since then it has offered its services to a great number of students. These services are briefly listed below:
  1. Supports students with special needs
  2. Provides information concerning health care issues
  3. Offers counseling and psychological support
  4. Organizes numerous activities and events related to its objectives.
The Student Counseling and Guidance Service provides mainly psychological support and counseling to students on a variety of issues including social and academic life, family problems, adjustment difficulties, emotional problems etc. It also organizes seminars and on a regular basis that deal with stress handling, exam preparation, study time organization and many more. With the help of the Student Counseling and Guidance Service students can more easily adapt to student life and surpass any problems or difficulties. All these services are provided to students free of charge.



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