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Emmanuil Koutrakis, Researcher (Course, ERACOM A4, A6)

20 Emmanuil KoutrakisManos Koutrakis is a researcher (biologist-ichthyologist) at the Hellenic Fisheries Research Institute (National Agricultural Research Foundation) since April 1996. Currently he is head of the Laboratory of Lagoons and Inland Waters of the FRI. His PhD thesis deals with the biology and population dynamics of grey mullets in an estuarine system at the North Aegean Sea. In the last 20 years he is working in the fields of fish biology, fish fauna and assemblages, interaction of cetaceans with fisheries, crayfish, management of lagoons and wetlands, ecohydrology and Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM). He is author of more than 150 publications (papers, books, conference proceedings, etc), 30 of which in journals included in the Science Citation Index, reviewer in several international peer reviewed scientific journals and member of the Editorial Committee of the Transitional Waters Bulletin (Italy).He was coordinator of several EU and national research projects, such as the Strymonikos Project, an EU Demonstration Programme on ICZM and the Beachmed-ICZM-MED for the Mediterranean. He participates in the "Ecohydrology (UNESCO/UNDP), a task force for coastal zones. He is also expert of the Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries of the European Commission and member of the sub group for the research needs evaluating member states national projects regarding fisheries data collection (STECF-SGRN). Currently he works with the fish fauna of Nestos river and the fish fauna as indicator of the water quality of the transitional waters (lagoons, estuaries) of north Greece.



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