It is announced that the call for registrations to ERACOM MSc program will open at 20 February 2016

George Koumoundouros, Associate Professor (Course, ERACOM B2)

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Photo Site4.jpgGeorge Koumoundouros holds a position of Associate Professor in the Biology Department of the University of Crete. His research interests concern fish biology and aquaculture, with emphasis on the environmentally driven phenotypic plasticity of fish, on the study fish ontogenetic patterns, and on the morpho-anatomical abnormalities of fish. GK teaches under-graduate and graduate courses on Zoology, Marine Biology, Management of Marine Biological Recourses and Aquaculture. George Koumoundouros has been participated in 19 research projects (7 European and 12 national), as a scientist in charge (2 EU and 4 national) or as main researcher and he has published 45 papers in peer-reviewed journals.




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