It is announced that the call for registrations to ERACOM MSc program will open at 20 February 2016

How and when to apply

The call for applications is announced through the ERACOM website and up to thirty (30) M.Sc. students are accepted each year. The ERACOM will accept graduates of Science Schools (specifically, Departments of Biology, Geology, Physics and Chemistry), Geotechnical and Environmental Schools (specifically, Departments of Environmental and Natural Resource Management, Energy Resource Management Engineers, Marine Sciences, Environmental Departments), Economic Schools (specifically, Departments of Economic Sciences, International and European Studies, Economic and Regional Development), Higher Education Institutes (AEI) and Polytechnic Schools of Greece or accredited Institutions abroad recognised by DOATAP (National Academic Recognition Information Centre). The ERACOM also accepts graduates of departments of Technical Education Institutes (TEI) with degrees related to the field of specification of the ERACOM, such as Departments of Ecology and Environment, Natural Resources and Environment, Ichthyology, Fishing, Fishery Aquaculture. Graduates of supreme military schools with degrees related to the field of specification of the ERACOM can also be accepted.
In early June of each year, following a decision by the Coordinating Body of ERACOM, an official announcement is published regarding the entrance of postgraduate students for the coming academic year and candidates are called to submit their applications by the end of June.
Candidates must submit the following supporting documents:
b) Copy of a degree or degrees from a related Department of a Greek AEI or TEI and a certificate of correspondence and equivalence from DOATAP in cases of graduates of foreign universities.
c) Certificate of studies with a detailed table of grades for all undergraduate courses, also indicating the degree grade.
d) Curriculum vitae listing the candidate’s education, teaching and/or professional experience, scientific and social activity in detail.
e) Letter of Intent (up to 1,000 words) listing the scientific interests of the candidate, as well as the reason he or she is interested in studying at the MAP.
f) Certificate of excellent knowledge of the English language at Proficiency level. In the case of knowledge of a second foreign language, a corresponding certificate must also be submitted.
g) Proof of any research and authoring activity, for participation in educational programmes for student mobility, as well as professional experience related to the field of specialization of the ERACOM.
h) Photocopy of police identity card.
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